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Enhancing the education of students in the Ogden School District


Student Support Centers

In partnership with the Ogden School District, the Ogden School Foundation is currently adding Student Support Centers to several schools in the district to support students who are experiencing housing insecurity. These new centers will offer showers, laundry facilities, resources from the MarketStar Student Resource Center, food pantries, a kitchen area to warm food, a homework/study area with computer access, and staffing to connect students with wrap-around services in the community--all in a way that preserves the dignity of this vulnerable student population. With an estimated 1 in 10 Ogden School District students experiencing homelessness each year, the need for these centers is greater than ever. 

Student Support Center construction is currently underway at Ben Lomond High, Ogden High, and Ogden Technical High School. A first-in-the-state elementary family support center located at Odyssey Elementary opened earlier this year. With over 1,100 Ogden School District students needing access to these services each year, we are looking to expand to other locations across the district soon.

Monetary gifts for our Student Support Centers are gratefully accepted and can be made in the form below. 

Donations of needed supplies are accepted in bulk or in pre-assembled kits. Instructions may be found for Hygiene Kits, Meal Packs, and Snack Packs here. 

You can see an updated list of current most-needed items here.

For questions or to arrange donation drop-off, please contact:


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Student Support Center Gifts